Trox Cover

  • Full Paint Protection
  • Ready for sale in no time
  • Enviorment Friendly
  • Premium Apperance
  • … and saves you money!
  • 3 min on and off


Trox is perceived as an inventive player on the market today. To us this is natural since we put a lot of work into our research and development in order to stay on top with the latest technology. We do not just aim to be the outermost updated but also to be leading developer of top of the line technology in the business.


We genuinely care about the environment. When working on a global market it becomes particularly important for us to minimize the negative impact we ultimately have on emissions and the ecosystems. Our cover systems are developed with focus on reducing unnecessary handling when car manufacturers transport vehicles between factory and dealers.


This have always been of highest priority, to us it is essential that our products meet the requirements and the expectations of the customer. We strive to create a pleasant experience for both employees and customers on all levels of our organization. Our work internally and externally should always reflect our concern with quality


Here below you can probe some reference models. All our products are specially customized for our customers, we are very flexible and love to think outside the box to solve your problems. Contact us for more.


Once our vehicle protection systems were only for some of the most luxurious cars in the world. However, due to recent year’s development, believe it or not, this has become the most cost efficient way to protect vehicles during storage and transport. The trox experience today is a carefully calculated but still an extremely simple procedure. The tailor made covers are delivered ready to be applied directly to a specific model. After this step the vehicles are ready for transport and the covers are not removed until the cars have reached their final destination, with preserved factory complete quality level. In addition, the car manufacturer can also put a company logo on the covers, showing that they are really taking care of their customers premium car acquisitions.

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